Altered Barbie Exhibition

Altered Barbie 2011

The 9th Annual San Francisco Altered Barbie Exhibition 2011

In Barbie’s Name. What would Barbie Do? & Ken too?

Cris Matos, mixed media, barbie, photograph
A PLACE OF HER OWN: Diving for Heart
Vivian Truong, A PLACE OF HER OWN, AAWAA, Asian American, Fiber, Barbie
A PLACE OF HER OWN: Tomato Plant
East-West fusion Barbie: “Hating me won’t make you pretty.”
Capital Hill Barbie: ” Don’t mess with Mr.Bill of rights…if you don’t want Capitol Barbie to call...
Kelsay Myers, Asian American, Barbie art, korean adoptee art, aawaa
The piece was created for AAWAA, Asina American Women Artists Association's A Pl
Boxed Set Series: Think Abundance by Cynthia Tom for A PLACE OF HER OWN